Retaining and advancing women remains a challenge for law firms and the business world. Throughout my career, I have been in the forefront of efforts to help women move into leadership. Much of my work deals with getting men involved in that effort as allies and sponsors.

Sponsors are individuals with power or influence. Sponsorship is a form of mentoring that deals with advocacy and career advancement. It becomes more important as your career progresses, the competition for partnership, leadership, and resources grows, and the stakes become higher.

My work is dedicated to ensuring that people who are in positions to serve as sponsors – most of whom are men – cast their nets broadly to include women and diverse individuals as protégés. I do this by bringing men and women together and increasing their awareness, comfort, skill and personal commitment to mentorship and sponsorship across differences.

Because of the particular importance of sponsorship in the advancement of women and minorities, many of my clients enlist my services to make sponsorship a component of their diversity and inclusion efforts.

Please explore and use the resources about sponsorship and diversity on my website, including my book, Sponsoring Women: What Men Need to Know, and my program, Breakfast for Champions. A detailed description of Breakfast for Champions events can be found here. If you would like to retain my services to promote sponsorship or start a sponsorship program, please contact me.