Retirement by Design is now available for preorder!

As we enter a new year and a new decade, I want to thank all of you, my subscribers, for the interest, ideas, feedback and support you have given me over the years. We have worked and talked together extensively about mentoring, sponsorship and other aspects of talent development, but a while ago, many of you began to express growing concerns about “next acts,” either your own or those of others in your firms. In response to those concerns, I added a new dimension to my practice that deals with defining, preparing for and transitioning into retirement. And now I’m excited to announce the publication of a new resource, a self-guided workbook, Retirement by Design.

Whenever you start to contemplate what you might do when you leave your current practice, this new book will help you decide what a great future might look like and then act to make it happen. It uses design thinking principles to make retirement planning a creative process that leads to a future you will move toward with enthusiasm, not anxiety.

You can read about and preorder copies of Retirement by Design here or through a link on my website. If you have any questions about it, or have any thoughts to share with me, I would love to hear from you!

Two Books

Before you take off for the holidays, I want to let you know that from now until January 3rd, Attorney at Work is offering 20% off the price of all the books they publish, including both the paper and digital versions of Sponsoring Women: What Men Need to Know. You can view and order the books here.

Also, my new book, Retirement by Design, is set for publication on February 4! I’ll send you more information about the book next month, but you can get a brief preview and pre-order copies here.

Wishing you joyful holidays and all the best in the new year!

News and Resources

I have some exciting news and resources to share with you. Mentoring and sponsorship remain a major focus of my practice, especially as a process to promote diversity and inclusion, career advancement, and professional growth and development. But I have expanded my focus to help individuals define and design the retirement they want, and to help firms improve their partner succession and retirement processes. In connection with this work, I have been producing various programs and resources, including a new book, Retirement by Designthat will be published early next year and is described in more detail below.

I also want to share several webinars, videos and podcasts about retirement, mentoring and sponsorship, as well as a “lesson” that appeared in a recently published book. They are described, and links are provided, below. I hope you find them useful.

If I can be of help to you as a retirement coach; if you are looking for a speaker on retirement issues, mentoring or sponsorship; or if you would like to learn more about my consulting services in any of these areas, please get in touch with me.

New Book: Retirement by Design

The old notion of retirement as a retreat and disengagement is obsolete. People are living longer, healthier lives, and they are staying active and productive for decades past the standard “retirement age” of 62. That particular age was chosen for policy reasons when Social Security was enacted (originally the age was…