Introducing a new look and a new focus

Notice my new look? I’ve updated my website and newsletter design to reflect that my practice now focuses primarily on retirement strategies for individuals and law firms. This work is a natural continuation of my professional development consulting, as many of my long-term and new clients are at the far end of their career and leadership development journey. Following long, successful careers, many of my individual clients see retirement on the horizon, and law firm clients want to help partners manage their retirement transitions in a smooth, mutually beneficial way.

Refreshing our look also reinforces the need to update attitudes and mindsets about what retirement means today, as people live and stay healthy and productive far longer than ever before. Retirement is no longer viewed as an ending, or a withdrawal from practice because you’re old and no longer valued. Instead, professionals in their 50s, 60s, 70s and older, are leaving full-time practice and using their freedom to pursue new adventures, work in new capacities, contribute in new ways, and learn, grow and enjoy the life they have worked so hard to build.

If you’re starting to contemplate what you might do in the future, then I suggest you start to design your retirement strategy while you’re still competitive and your practice is still thriving. You might not feel fully ready to retire, but waiting too long might put you at a disadvantage. Read below to learn five tips to…

Exciting news!

I have some very exciting news to share with you. I am thrilled to announce that my new companion e-course for Retirement by Design is now available to help you prepare for retirement and help your firm manage partner succession and retirement more effectively. Also, the National Legal Mentoring Conference is back after a long pandemic-forced delay and registration is open. You can read more about both my course and the conference below.

I’m often asked whether retirement affects men and women differently. Based on my observations and experience, there are more similarities than differences among professionals, but when it comes to facing and adjusting to retirement, men struggle more. Scroll down to read more.

Then, scroll down farther and you’ll find links to my recent presentations, podcast interviews, and article about topics related to succession planning and retirement.

And if you’re looking for help with retirement issues, personally or for your firm, or if you need a speaker on retirement or mentoring subjects, please contact me.

Retirement by Design: Companion E-Course Benefits Individuals and Firms

The success of my book, Retirement by Design, has revealed a hunger for help in preparing for retirement. My new e-course provides this help in a visual medium that supplements the text and helps people ease into the process of planning for post-career life. In the feedback I’ve received and the…

Money can’t buy me love

The Beatles told us that “Money can’t buy me love.” Good advice, but law firms are trying to buy love anyway, hoping that huge bonuses will keep the associates they need. The tactic isn’t working. In the last 12 months, associate compensation has risen 10%, yet attrition is over 14%. So, what can law firms do to retain associates? I discuss one very easy step below.

The holidays are coming up fast, and year-end is a time when people contemplate their future plans. It’s the perfect time for my book, Retirement by Design. As the 100-year life becomes a reality for more and more people, we need to think about retirement in a completely new and different way. Below I explain why our increasing longevity makes creative retirement planning essential, and how my book can help you design a happy, meaningful and adaptable future.

In addition to the private consulting, programming, and presentations I’ve been doing about mentoring and retirement, I have done many webinars, programs, podcasts, and articles that are available to the public. As you scroll further down, you’ll find links to some of those resources.

My sincerest wishes to you all for a very happy Thanksgiving. These last two years have shown us how much we have to be thankful for, and this year should be especially meaningful as more of us are able to celebrate in person with family and friends. I hope your celebration is filled with…