Leadership Practices in the Legal Profession: Differentiating Coaching, Mentoring and Sponsorship

The Peer Bulletin, November 2012. Reprint of my article about coaching, mentoring, sponsorship that appeared in a previous issue of Management Solutions. The article is an excerpt from my new book, 2nd edition of Lawyers’ Professional Development: The Legal Employer’s Comprehensive Guide. The Peer Bulletin is published by Peer Resources Network, which specializes in the development of peer, coach and mentor programs.

Achieving Gender Balance Depends on Men

My article “Achieving Gender Balance Depends on Men” was published in the July 2014 NALP Bulletin. The article argues that solving the persistent problem of gender imbalance at partner and leadership levels should be reframed as a strategic, high priority business objective and that women’s initiatives should welcome men and make them part of a firmwide team effort to achieve that objective. NALP has kindly granted permission to make the article available here.

Upward Bound

Debra Michals, “Upward Bound,” Smith Alumnae Quarterly, Fall 2014, discusses how mentors give women a power boost in the workplace.

Gender Balance: Winning the Battle to Retain Women at Mid and Senior Levels in Law Firms

I contributed a chapter on “Retaining women: The need for new perspectives” in the forthcoming book, Recruiting and Retaining Lawyers: Innovative Strategies to Attract, Develop and Retain Legal Talent, edited by Rebecca Normand-Hochman on behalf of the International Bar Association. The book will be published by Globe Law and Business in February, but you can read about and pre-order it here.

Your Boomer Retirement Problem Won’t Just Fade Away

My article about retirement planning by law firms, Your Boomer Retirement Problem Won’t Just Fade Away, appeared in on February 28, 2017. A day later Robert Denney published it as a Communique, saying “Of all that has been written and spoken about succession planning, I consider the following the most intelligent and constructive discussion of this sensitive issue.” (

Modernizing Mentoring

A new book edited by Ramit Singh and published in India, Managing Your Legal Organisation: Global Insights (Magic Lawyers, New Delhi) 2017, includes a chapter I contributed on “Modernizing Mentoring.” The book is available on Amazon.

Retirement Is No Time to Stop Working

The April/May 2021 issue of Experience magazine features my article, “Retirement Is No Time to Stop Working.” It discusses the ongoing value of work in your life, whether for pay or not, and the various ways you can include some sort of work in your retirement schedule. You can read it online or at the link below.

This article was reprinted in the ABA’s GPSolo e-Report in June 2021.

Retirement is no time to stop working


Is This the Time to Plan Your Retirement?

After weeks in relative isolation, working non-stop from home, or worried about not having enough work, the time may be right for reassessing your life. This article presents some questions to help you consider whether retirement is an option.

Why Your Network Is Valuable In Retirement

If you’re planning to retire at some point, take a close look at your personal and professional networks. The folks who are your contacts now will take on new importance to you as you approach and enter retirement. You might think about networking in terms of advancing your career by generating business or moving into leadership. But your network is also one of your most valuable assets when you wind down your career and move on to the next stage of your life. Read more here.

Stay Curious

I was privileged to contribute one of the lessons in Nora Riva Bergman’s wonderful new book, “50 Lessons for Women Lawyers from Women Lawyers.” You can read my lesson, “Stay Curious,” by clicking below. You can also learn more about the book and the contributors, and read excerpts from all the lessons, at

Stay Curious


It Takes Two: Planning for Retirement as a Couple

Whether you approach the idea of retirement with eagerness or dread, you are facing a major life transition. Leaving a career and embarking on whatever you decide to do next changes how you spend your days, who you interact with, and your overall engagement with the world around you. If you are married or have a life partner, the process is more complicated because these changes will affect both of you….Making sure your understanding and expectations are aligned early in the retirement transition process will help smooth the way over the long term.

It Takes Two: Planning for Retirement as a Couple

Prepare Yourself for a Happy Retirement

When you retire from practice, a world of possibilities will open up to you. The key is to explore and learn what the best possibilities are. Whatever your age, there are simple steps you can take right now so that you are psychologically ready, maybe even eager, for whatever comes next. To find out how to get ready, read my new article, “Prepare Yourself for a Happy Retirement,” at