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Exit Strategies: Embracing Career Transitions

On March 16, 2021, Kit Chaskin and I discussed  career transitions, including job changes and retirement, in a program for the Northwestern Law School Alumni Association. You can view and listen to the webinar here.

Is Now the Right Time to Retire?

Wendy Green interviewed me on Hey Boomer! about Retirement by Design and the many considerations that go into timing and planning your retirement. You can watch the interview here.

NAWL Book Club Interview

Lisa Horowitz interviewed me about Retirement by Design for the National Association of Women Lawyers Book Club on May 5, 2010. You can listen to the interview here.

Book Review – Retirement by Design

Delighted to see this review of Retirement by Design written by a blogger in the UK who has been retired for several years and remarks, “Had I had a guide like this in 2010, maybe I would have done a few things differently!” He also states: “This is one of the most comprehensive books covering all aspects of retirement that I have read. Unlike many, it does not just focus on the financial side. It encourages you to look at all the myriad aspects of retirement, social, financial, practical and all shades in between.” Read the full review here.

The People Part of Change and Innovation – Ida Abbott on Succession Planning, Reverse Mentoring and a Whole Lot More!

  • I was honored to be featured in this podcast for The Legalpreneurs Sandbox Podcast Series sponsored by the Centre for Legal Innovation (Australia, New Zealand and Asia-Pacific) at The College of Law in Australia. The podcast was hosted by the Centre’s Executive Director Terri Mottershead. Our conversation examines the impact of the exodus of Baby Boomer lawyers from legal practice and the role that mentoring should/can/will play in the consequent “changing of the guard.” You can see the various topics we cover on their website and listen to the podcast there or here.

Life after Sixty: SPICE It Up

This webinar, hosted by the Smith College Alumni Association, helps viewers determine what they will do with the many potential years ahead. It provides a framework for envisioning, designing and moving toward a future doing what you want and enjoy, and living in ways that will engage you, keep you stimulated and give your life purpose. You can view the webinar here.

Succession Planning: Transition Strategies for Law Firm Leaders, Clients and Exiting Lawyers

In this podcast for The Robert Half Legal Report, host Charles Volkert, senior district president of Robert Half Legal, and I discuss critical components of succession planning, including strategies to help senior-level lawyers transfer knowledge and client relationships to their successors, and transition smoothly into retirement or their next career post. You can download and/or listen to the podcast here.

Preparing Your Law Firm for the Future

This was the first in a 3-part webcast series hosted by Natalie Runyon, Director & Head of Talent Platform at Thomson Reuters Legal Executive Institute. Our session looked at succession planning from the standpoints of the firm, the client and the retiring partner. You can learn about our session and the others in this series here, and watch my session here.

NLMC Presentation on Mentoring for Diversity

Video recordings of the presentations from the 2018 National Legal Mentoring Consortium, including my presentation on Mentoring to Support Diversity and Inclusiveness with Kori Carew and Mark Palmer, are available to the public. You can watch our presentation here.

Preparing your law firm for the future: Webcast

I had the privilege of presenting the first webcast in a 3-part series on “Preparing your law firm for the future: Developing the next generation of rainmakers.” I presented the program with Natalie Runyon, Director & Head of Talent Platform at Thomson Reuters Legal Executive Institute, which is hosting the series. Our session looked at succession planning from the standpoints of the firm, the client and the retiring partner. You can listen and watch here.

NAWL Book Club Discussion

You can listen here to my lively discussion with Lisa Horowitz about my book, The Lawyer’s Guide to Mentoring, 2nd Edition, aired by the NAWL Book Club.

Bay Area Retirement: Boomers struggle with when to go

It’s nice to be featured in this article about the work I’m doing to help partners with retirement transitions. The article by Mark Calvey in the San Francisco Business Times points out that professionals and firms in many fields are having a hard time dealing with partner retirements.

WA State Bar’s MentorLink Audio programs

WA State Bar’s MentorLink program has also posted six brief (7-15 minute) audio recordings in which I discuss with Tim Jaasko-Fisher some specific mentoring topics, such as confidentiality, mental health and generational differences. When you reach this page, the recordings are located behind the “Fundamentals” tab at the top.

Mentoring Discussion: Washington State Bar

WA State Bar’s MentorLink program has posted a 90-minute video in which I discuss with Tim Jaasko-Fisher many aspects of mentoring. The information is relevant and valuable for individuals and programs. Watch the video here. (Under Mentorship Fundamentals, Legal Lunchbox™, you might have to “Click to use Flash” in order to watch.)


Advancing Women in the Law – An Interview on the Value of Sponsorship

In an interview with Heidi Alexander about my book, Sponsoring Women, I explain the importance and dynamics of mentorship and sponsorship, and provide advice on how to build and utilize those relationships for career success. Heidi is with the Massachusetts Law Office Management Assistance Program, which hosted the interview. You can listen to the interview here. December 2014

Discover Your Talent-Do What You Love: Podcast on Sponsorship

Don Hutcheson produces a podcast series entitled “Discover Your Talent–Do What You Love,” which features stories about how people in various fields discovered their true talents and used them to enjoy successful, happy lives. The series also includes interviews with experts who offer insights and advice to help others do the same. Don interviewed me about why women need more than mentors to get ahead. You can listen to the interview, “More Than Just a Mentor, Women Need a Champion,” at ‪http://goo.gl/FdbcVo or on itunes here.

CPA Trendlines

CPA Trendlines has been publishing excerpts from my book, Sponsoring Women: What Men Need to Know. Women’s career advancement and sponsorship are of concern to accounting and other professionals, not just lawyers. If you have friends and business contacts in accounting, send them the link to CPA Trendlines and let them know.

Networking with Women

Melissa J. Anderson featured me in “Networking with Women,” in The Glass Hammer, June 20, 2012. We discussed the importance of women-only networks and programs, along with the importance of cross-gender networking.