My goal is to help clients achieve and optimize the results they desire. My unique perspective and expertise allow me to offer clients customized advice based on a strong foundation of knowledge and experience. I also recognize the importance and value of innovation and creativity. So my approach emphasizes both best current practices and sensible, carefully considered innovations.


  • Helping professional firms, legal departments, bar associations and other organizations to
    • Create and institutionalize practices that support mentorship and sponsorship, both informally and through mentoring and sponsorship programs.
    • Use mentoring to improve workplace diversity and inclusion.
    • Develop effective strategies, practices and initiatives to retain and advance women.
    • Design processes to support and facilitate senior partner retirement, leadership succession and client transitions.

Mentoring and coaching

  • Serving as mentor and coach for high-achieving individuals, especially with regard to career advancement, leadership and retirement.


  • Facilitating appropriate and effective cross-gender mentoring, sponsorship and other workplace relationships.
  • Conducting the award-winning “Breakfast for Champions,” designed to make sponsorship opportunities more widely available for women and minorities.


  • Presenting workshops in all aspects of mentoring and sponsorship, career development, and retirement transitions.


  • Giving keynote, informational and inspirational presentations at retreats, professional meetings, women’s conferences and other settings.