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Hear my interview “We Can All Use a Champion,” on the ALPS blog, on Podbean or on YouTube.

Lawyers Guide to Mentoring by Ida Abbott

Listen to the NAWL Book Club discussion about The Lawyer’s Guide to Mentoring.

A Breakfast for Champions is designed to bring men into the conversation, inform and encourage them, and get them to sponsor women. Read more

Ida was a strategic thinker and intentional about how women can be serious professionals and mothers long before it was fashionable. She was both pragmatic and progressive, about as difficult a balance as work and motherhood sometimes can be. Well grounded in both her career and her family, she was still available to younger women, like myself, coming into the legal profession. I found her an ideal mentor and model when I first began practice in San Francisco many years ago and I am delighted to find that her long experience and wisdom is now available to so many more women through her books, programs and consulting practice.

-- Cheryl Poinsette Brown