Learning… Leadership… Retaining talent… Diversity & inclusion… Career transitions…Professionalism

These are some of the areas where mentoring can make a significant impact.

My mission has always been to help employers develop and retain the finest talent, and to create work environments where talented professionals stay productive and engaged, become successful leaders, and achieve their highest potential. Mentoring is integral to that process and has been a major focus of my practice for more than 25 years.

Mentoring is a relationship-based process that helps individuals learn, grow and achieve high levels of professional success and fulfillment. Mentoring is powerful because it is personal; a mentor cares about you, supports you and is committed to your success.

At its best, mentoring can be transformative, both personally and professionally. Even limited mentoring relationships can produce important benefits for individuals, employers and the legal profession. For those committed to increasing diversity in the legal profession, mentoring can be an effective way to retain diverse talent and create a more inclusive culture.

My work embraces every aspect of mentoring, including sponsorship and coaching. I work with individuals, firms and companies across industries and work environments. If you are interested in learning about mentoring, you will find many resources on my website, so please look around. If you would like to retain my services, please contact me.