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Bay Area retirement: Boomers struggle with when to go

Reporter Mark Calvey featured me in an article he wrote about how professional firms are having trouble dealing with the important issue of retiring partners.

Business Development: Expanding Your Opportunities Through Mentoring Relationships

Please join me for a telephone conference sponsored by the Consumer Litigation, Minority Trial Lawyers and Young Advocates Committees of the ABA Litigation Section. We will discuss why and how young lawyers should seek out appropriate mentors who can help guide them in generating business, and how more experienced attorneys can effectively mentor junior attorneys in this critical area of practice. Register here.

Professional Development Institute

Burt Lipshie will interview me about my forthcoming book, The Lawyers’ Guide to Mentoring, 2nd Edition, at the Professional Development Institute in Washington, DC.

Alabama Study Tour

Excited to be going on a Civil Rights Study Trip to Alabama with the Board and professional staff of Facing History and Ourselves, a great organization of critical importance in our modern world.

Why you need mentors and sponsors: Interview

Sara Holtz, an expert who has taught and coached countless successful women rainmakers and leaders about business development, now hosts a podcast series called “Advice to My Younger Self.” Sara interviewed me for one of these podcasts. You can listen here to our discussion about “Why you need mentors and sponsors.”

Mentoring e-Learning

Law Firm Elearning has produced a series of short online learning modules about mentoring for its QuickCustom Skill Burst series. I am an advisor to the company and pleased with the quality of these modules for basic introductory learning about mentoring.

Beyond Mentors – Why You Need a Sponsor

I’ll be speaking to the ACC-NY Women’s Group at Dechert’s NY office on Beyond Mentors – Why You Need a Sponsor.

Hastings Leadership Academy for Women

Another successful and transformative Leadership Academy for Women this year. What amazing women leaders we have in the legal profession!

Confident Leadership – Know it, do it, be it!

I am honored and excited to be presenting a one-day course in Melbourne, Australia, on “Confident Leadership – Know it, do it, be it!” The course, which I will co-present with Jill Arkell, Executive Coach, AltusQ, Australia, on April 11, 2017, is the inaugural diversity & inclusion event sponsored by the Centre for Legal Innovation at the College of Law. More details and registration information are available here.

Association of Legal Administrators

I will be in Denver April 4-5, speaking at the 2017 Annual Meeting of the Association of Legal Administrators on “What’s Next? How to Help Senior Lawyers and Administrators Transition Out of Practice.”

Mentoring Interview

WA State Bar’s MentorLink program has posted a 90-minute video in which I discuss with Tim Jaasko-Fisher many aspects of mentoring. The information is relevant and valuable for individuals and programs. 

Global Professional Development Roundtable

The next meeting of the Global PD Roundtable will be held March 6-7, 2017 in San Francisco, CA. Roundtable membership is open to talent management and professional development leaders in global law firms. For information about the Roundtable and the meeting agenda, and to register for the meeting, please IdaAbbott [at] aol [dot] com (contact me).

Your Boomer Retirement Problem Won’t Just Fade Away

Bob Denney wrote this about my recent article, “Your Boomer Retirement Problem Won’t Just Fade Away,” min his newsletter: “Of all that has been written and spoken about succession planning, I consider the following the most intelligent and constructive discussion of this sensitive issue.”  

ABA Rule of Law Initiative on Mentoring

February 2-7, I will be in Tbilisi, Georgia, with the ABA Rule of Law Initiative to evaluate the lawyer mentoring program in the Middle East that I have written about in the past. You can read about that project here.

Washington State Bar

On January 31, I will be presenting a Legal Lunchbox CLE webcast on “Mentorship Fundamentals: Best Practices for Strengthening Your Skills as an Attorney Mentor or Mentee” with Tim Jaasko-Fisher for the Washington State Bar MentorLink Program. 

Professional Development Institute

On December 2, 2016, at the Professional Development Institute, I participated in a plenary panel on Innovating Talent Management in Law Firms – What’s New, What’s Different and What’s Gone? and then presented a session on What’s Next? How to Help Senior Lawyers Transition Out of Practice.

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